Mercedes Benz

"We helped to undertake an operational and financial review of Mercedes used van and truck strategy to increase sales and improve the the way dealerships work with the parent company"

During an uncertain period in commercial vehicle sales, Mercedes-Benz wanted to increase their market share and sales of used vans and trucks through the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Network. Complex information and performance information relating to the business was available through recent studies. Mercedes-Benz Director for Strategy Development approached us to help analyse the information and develop a strategy to improve performance of their used van and truck operation throughout the UK.

We integrated with their team to review the available information and helped develop a plan of organisational change for the company and training programmes for its dealerships.

This work also led to an operational and financial overview of the Wentworth Park Van and Truck Facility that manages the wholesale remarketing of commercial vehicles and other related activities.

I may be doing another strategy project over in Japan soon so might once again call upon your expertise!
— Adrian Johnston - Director Strategic Development