Stopping recycling contamination in Enfield

We are currently helping the London Borough of Enfield reduce the contamination they are getting in their recycling bins. The target is to reduce contamination from over 15% to under 10% and save in the order of £750,000 in MRF charges and associated costs.

This is a detailed project and involves:

  • A review of the historic communications and indentifying how it could be improved;
  • Reviewing the recycling and waste pages of their website and identifying how the user experience could be made better;
  • Developing a communications strategy and plan to reduce contamination;
  • Designing promotional material to help householders understand what materials they can put into their recycling bin; and
  • Producing material to help with the enforcement aspects of the project.

All communications channels available to the council will be employed as the project rolls out over the coming year.