5 top tips for successful recycling campaigns

OK, there are hundreds of tips towards creating a successful recycling campaign that we can give but here are just a few that we think are really important:

1. Successful recycling leaflets are concise

When developing leaflets for a recycling campaign many people are all too eager to cram every bit of information they can into each page. Keep the information simple and tell people, up front, what you want them to do. This way people are more likely to absorb the content that gets them using the service properly. Remember, they can also contact you or visit your website if they need more information.

2. Good recycling campaigns are more carrot than stick

We all like being praised for doing things well and getting good news. You are much more likely to get a good reaction by bearing good news rather than telling someone off.

3. Great recycling campaigns have a consistent look

We all recognise big brands and can spot their colour schemes a mile off. Create a consistent, professional and recognisable appearance, preferably grounded in a solid set of design guidelines that people will learn to recognise, respect, understand and aspire to your brand and message.

4. Superb recycling campaigns have a good hierarchy

Make sure you get the key message out there first. In recycling leaflets deliver the key message first, then how to use the service and then benefits and contact details so that people can get more information. Try to make peoples lives easier by making your campaign materials have a logical hierarchy

5. Perfect recycling campaigns are personal

Make the copy personal, 'we are making improvements to your services to help you recycle more'; people like a personal approach.


This is by no means a comprehensive list but keep them in mind and we think that you will be able to improve your campaigns no end.