"Alupro achieved an 18% increase in metals recycled, spanning over 3 million householders in 60 council areas with our help on the campaigns"

We helped develop and continue to work with Alupro on their Metal Matters transformation campaign. We have produced all the artwork for numerous local authority campaigns over the last 5 years, this has included:

  • Transformation leaflets;
  • Outdoor advertising;
  • Newspaper advertising and editorial;
  • Vehicle livery; and
  • Posters.

The campaign goes from strength to strength and we are currently updating the artwork to complement the new WRAP Recycle Now style.

The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro), represents the leading aluminium packaging producers and reprocessors in the UK. They are working to help this industry exceed government aluminium recycling targets by working with industry, waste processors, local authorities and the recycling sector. Alupro work with local authorities in the UK to help them deliver their Metal Matters Campaign to encourage householders to recycle more metal cans. 

Thanks again for your suggestions for how we might approach the refresh of the MetalMatters campaign identity. I have shared them with the team at Alupro and we like your approach and are happy to give you the goahead to get creative!
— Diana Caldwell - Marketing and Communications Manager