Where to spend your promotional budget

I am struck by the way some things get reaffirmed.  We have recently completed the promotional trials for the Metal Matter campaign trials and as part of it conducted door-to-door surveys, part of which householders were asked which promotional material had been seen. 

The results that came up where the same as we have had over the past years on  previous surveys.  The most memorable means of communication in order are:

  • Direct mail – leaflets through the door
  • Council newspaper or magazine
  • Local press
  • Roadshows and exhibitions – as long as you do enough
  • Outdoor advertising – billboards, Adshels, etc. 

The moral of the story is that your promotional budget is limited it is best spent in this order.  I do believe though that if you do have some cash left do spend it on outdoor advertising – it will familiarise people with the appearance of your campaign as a whole and build up a level of brand recognition.